Episode 73: Tesla Price Drop, Disney+ Sub Count, Lego NES, and So Much More Tech Stuff

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Show Notes

In this episode, Mike and Chad discuss swimming with toddlers, napping with Toddlers, going to a hotel/casino during the times of COVID, Tesla drops the price on model Y, Rivian raising even more money, Walmart releasing a subscription service, Quibi being awful, Hamilton boosting Disney+ subscriptions, crazy tech, and of course, they take all of their normal detours.


  1. Chad was wrong, but also right… hotel and casino in OK and parking is in fact in KS
  2. Tesla model Y price drop
  3. iPhone 12 delay
  4. No power brick in iPhone 12
  5. Rivian and Walmart+ info
  6. Quibi loses 90% of early users after free trial expires
  7. Disney+ Subscriber count
  8. Hamilton spurs app downloads during July 4th weekend debut
  9. So, the Lego NES is “playable”
  10. …and you can buy it here on August 1st
  11. Parrot Pot

#LT3 #CrazyTech #Podcast #Tesla #ModelY #Rivian #Capital #Walmart #WalmartPlus #WalmartPerks #WalmartSubscription #Quibi #Subscriptions #Hamilton #Broadway #Disney #DisneyPlus #Lego #NES #Nintendo #OldSchool #Retro #ParrotPot

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