Episode 37: AirPods Pro and Auto Voicemail for your iPhone

Listen to episode 37

Show Notes

In this episode, Mike and Chad discuss Apple AirPods Pro, Apple’s ability to send unknown callers straight to voicemail, whether or not 5G is real, RCS texting, Google’s purchase of Fitbit, crazy tech, and of course, they take all of their normal detours.


  1. AirPods Pro
  2. iOS 13 allows you to send spam calls straight to voicemail
  3. AT&T misleading customers with “5G”
  4. 5G E – what you need to know
  5. Alphabet acquires Fitbit for $2.1 billion
  6. More about Fitbit and Google
  7. RCS Messaging
  8. Why Android phones don’t get operating system updates
  9. Virgin Hyperloop in Missouri – KC to STL in 30 minutes
  10. #TeamTrees

#LT3 #CrazyTech #AirPodsPro #SilenceUnknownCallers #5G #5GE #Alphabet #Google #Fitbit #RCS #Android #Hyperloop #TeamTrees

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