Episode 24: Zwift has dinosaurs, e-bike talk, and scammers being scammy

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Show Notes

In this episode, Mike and Chad discuss the latest Zwift expansion, Netflix capturing your physical activity, Specialized pricing updates, scammy scams, wealth inequality (sort of), crazy tech, and of course, take all of their normal detours.


  1. Gatlinburg, TN — Check it out!
  2. Myrtle Beach, SC — Check it out!
  3. Gulf Shores, AL — Check it out!
  4. Zwift: Jet to the Desert
  5. Specialized Founders edition e-bike SOLD OUT!
  6. Netflix tracking physical activity – Gizmodo
  7. Wealthy families scam for need-based college financial aid – ProPublica
  8. How ProPublica got the story
  9. If you live in Illinois and know more, check this out!
  10. How the poor subsidize the wealthy
  11. Duke Energy – Renewable power has poor subsidizing wealthy
  12. How to stop humans from listening to Siri recordings
  13. Same as above but for Alexa
  14. 7 percent not 7 cars – but still super awesome
  15. Stand Tall Bro (R)

#Ebikes #Specialized #Netflix #Zwift #ZwiftInsider #ProPublica #Scam #WealthInequality #AI #Siri #Alexa #Apple #DarwinGrip

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