Episode 12: WWDC – World Wide Dongle Conference?

Listen to episode 12

Show Notes

In this episode, Mike and Chad discuss the fast approaching WWDC, IOS 13 rumors, WatchOS 5 rumors, crazy tech, and of course, take all their normal detours.


  1. Miis – Nintendo
  2. MacRumors – ios 13 rumors
  3. Potential “number-changed-primary” bug fix for iPhone
  4. 3rd party screen time apps – banned
  5. ios 13 universal undo gesture
  6. WatchOS5 updates
  7. Tony Stark flip phone explanation – spoilers
  8. Hyundai Kona Ironman edition
  9. Chad’s Crazy Tech
  10. Mike’s Crazy Tech
  11. Homestar Runner

#Apple #WWDC #ios13 #watchos5 #robinhood #Hyundai #marvel #ironman #kona

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