Episode 11: Broken Tesla and Apple & Qualcomm Settlement

Listen to episode 11

Show Notes

In this episode, Mike and Chad discuss Tesla, Apple & Qualcomm settlement, WWDC, the Amazon warehouse of the future, crazy tech, and of course, take all their normal detours.


  1. Messin’ with Sasquatch
  2. Indian Army Found Yeti Footprints Himalayas – NBC News
  3. Rich Rebuilds – YouTube Channel
  4. Interactive Tesla Dispute Map
  5. Rivian again… because they look super awesome
  6. WSJ – Qualcomm to get at least $4.5 billion in Apple Settlement
  7. WWDC
  8. Amazon Warehouse – Full Automation at least a Decade Away
  9. Amazon Warehouse Working Conditions
  10. The potential problem with super smart AI
  11. Mike’s Crazy Tech
  12. Mike’s Continued
  13. Chad’s Crazy Tech

#Tesla #Apple #Qualcomm #Yeti #Sasquatch #JackLink #LT3 #Rivian #WWDC

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