Episode 8: Battery Power

Listen to Episode 8

Show Notes

In this episode, Mike and Chad discuss battery powered tools, crazy tech, give a reminder to the listeners about the giveaway, and of course, take all their normal detours.


  1. What’s voltage?
  2. What’s current?
  3. How to calculate battery amp hours
  4. Peukert’s law
  5. 3/22/17 Consumer Report – Electric Mowers
  6. 4/6/17 Consumer Reports – Electric Mowers that Rival gas
  7. Kobalt 21″ 80v Push Mower with 5.0 Ah Battery
  8. Seth’s Bike Hack’s – Using Battery Powered Mitre Saw
  9. Ryobi Electric Riding Mower
  10. Nova PBS – Super Battery (also available on Netflix)
  11. Gimbal – What is it?

#BatteryPower #Kobalt #Lowes #Ryobi #LawnMower #Solar

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