Episode 7: E-Bikes

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Show Notes

In this episode, Mike and Chad talk about E-bikes of all kinds, give a follow-up to last week’s episode on the Garmin Vivoactive 3, crazy tech, give a reminder to the listeners about the giveaway, and of course, take all their normal detours.


  1. Garmin Vivoactive 3 – no music streaming
  2. Shifting E-Mountain Bike Opinions
  3. Olympian vs. E-Mountain Bike
  4. E-Bike Sales
  5. Electric Bike Laws and the Built-in Speed Limiter
  6. E-Bike Helmets
  7. How To Money Podcast
  8. Rad Power Bikes – Rad Wagon
  9. Trek Super Commuters
  10. Trek MTB
  11. IMBA
  12. UCI E-Bike Racing
  13. Rob Rides EMTB
  14. Amazon interested in Alexa-enabled truly wireless headphones
  15. YNAB
  16. Katy Trail

#EBikes #Trek #RadPower #Podcast

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