Episode 3: Apple Event Rumors

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Show Notes

In this episode, Mike and Chad talk about rumors of the upcoming Apple event, previous March announcements, potential subscription services from Apple, Airpods, iPads, iPods, the Apple TV dongle, Crazy Tech, and of course, take their normal detours.


  1. iPad announcement – 1/27/10
  2. iPhone SE announcement – 3/21/16
  3. iPhone 5c & 5s announcement – 9/10/13
  4. March 2018 – Education event plus announcement of 9.7″ iPad w/ pencil support
  5. What does the Apple pencil do?
  6. “It’s Showtime” March 25, 2019 – Special Apple Event
  7. Apple buys Texture
  8. Smart TVs track your viewing habits
  9. Apple expected to unveil streaming service at March event
  10. Rumors swirl about subscription based gaming platform from Apple
  11. $15 extra per month for HBO on Hulu
  12. Nomad Base Station – $119 (Airpower Mat Alternative)
  13. HyperJuice Airpods wireless adapter
  14. Airpods 2 with biometric sensors???
  15. Apple TV dongle
  16. K-Ci & JoJo – “Crazy” released 3/2/2001
  17. Mike’s Crazy Tech
  18. Chad’s Crazy Tech
  19. Add Lunch Time Tech Talk to your Alexa skills
  20. Mike’s YouTube Channel  

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